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Information Asymmetry

Divorce mediation sessions include discussions about a wide variety of topics–child care, finances, taxes, custody, real estate, debts, pensions, insurance, pets, significant others, employment, and college. It is very common for one person to have a better understanding of some issues than others.  For … Continue reading

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“Big Explosions, Small Reasons”

In the Wall Street Journal  on October 16, 2012 there is an excellent article which explains what triggers angry outbursts and rude behavior.  Although the article primarily focuses on the work place and public places, the ideas can be applied to family situations … Continue reading

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October is Depression Awareness Month

  Dealing with a divorce is very stressful.  It is very common for people who are planning to separate or divorce to experience uncomfortable feelings like depression.  About 10% of all Americans are diagnosed with depression.  It is likely that … Continue reading

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