Financing college education is challenging for just about everyone.  However, children whose parents are separated or divorced face additional obstacles.  Filling out the Federal Student Aid Application, applying for scholarships, and obtaining loans each require coordination, detailed financial information, and skill cam be particularly stressful for separated or divorced parents.

A 3 year old start up in California, http://www.Raise.me, may offer some relief for students and families.  This unique program gives students specific financial incentives at a variety of colleges and universities, if students achieve particular goals and if they are admitted to participating colleges and universities.

For example, Pennsylvania State offers $120 for each A in a core course, $400 for each AP course, and $5 for each hour of community service.   Receipt of these funds does not depend on anything other than the ability of each student to meet the criteria and obtain admission to the participating college.

In an article by Natasha Singer in the New York Times Business Section on February 21, 2016 (“Got an A in Algebra? That’s Worth $120” pg. BU3) the benefit of raise.me is described as one way to,”level the college playing-and paying- field for low income students who may not receive the same advice at home as their higher-income peers. “

High school students whose parents are separated or divorced often have limited resources for college. Their parents may not have a clear understanding about how to finance college.  Parents often have difficulty sharing detailed financial information.  Their children are often caught in the middle. Raise.me offers one way for these students to take the initiative and, on their own, earn a scholarship for college.  Students can use earned scholarship credits after they are admitted to a participating college.

Raise.me does not fully fund college educations. However, it is possible for students to earn several thousand dollars toward each year’s expenses.  Raise.me is a creative and practical resource for motivated students.


For more information:  www.baltimoremediationsesrvices.com

Sheila C. Russian, Attorney-Mediator


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