The Secret to Sibling Success

This NY Times Article (Sunday 2/5/17  Style Pg 5)  describe how the author’s relationships with her siblings  were strengthened  after their parent’s divorce.

“Years ago my  younger brother and I attended the wedding of a childhood friend…We were ..joking with each other, when the sister of the groom approached.’

‘You guys are so close with each other…it must be nice.  Tell me, what  can I do to make my daughters are close as you are.?’

‘You want to know,’ Eric said. ‘I’ll tell you: You and your husband should separate, then go through an ugly divorce.  That’ll bring the children together.”

Ellen Umansky’s article describes how she and her brothers supported and comforted each other as they experienced their parents’ divorce.  She describes how they handled living in more than one house, parental anger and tension, and their  own intense feelings. “… brothers were my one constant and comfort…..we created a family within a family..”

Divorce is an intense experience for children as well as adults.  Divorce mediation includes discussions about how to communicate with children, create parenting plans, and arrange finances  in ways that address the needs of children.  Divorce mediation  focuses on  fostering strong relationships among siblings, as well as between each parent and child,  and eliminating the extreme stress of ugly divorce.

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