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The Secret to Sibling Success

This NY Times Article (Sunday 2/5/17  Style Pg 5)  describe how the author’s relationships with her siblings  were strengthened  after their parent’s divorce. “Years ago my  younger brother and I attended the wedding of a childhood friend…We were ..joking with … Continue reading

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Adult Children and Divorce

  How do we tell the children? In the past this question was usually asked by parents of young children and teenagers. However, due to the increase of divorce by couples who are in their 50s and 60s, the children … Continue reading

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Financing college education is challenging for just about everyone.  However, children whose parents are separated or divorced face additional obstacles.  Filling out the Federal Student Aid Application, applying for scholarships, and obtaining loans each require coordination, detailed financial information, and … Continue reading

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Holiday Planning

Holiday planning can be particularly challenging for separated or divorced parents. Work schedules, travel arrangements, the needs of the other parent, and religious observances can complicate arrangements. Divorce mediation includes holiday planning. To begin, parents need to decide which holidays … Continue reading

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When Parents Part

This book by well known research psychologist, Penelope Leach, is chock full of information that can help separated parents make decisions related to their children. This book combines practical advice with up to date research on child development. In her … Continue reading

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In ”Financial Apps to Help You Trim Spending,” in the June 2015 issue of The Beacon ( , Alex Veiga describes useful apps that enable people to budget and pay down debt. People who are planning to separate or divorce … Continue reading

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Financial Decisions

Sheila Russian recently attended, “Financial Divorce Settlements From Start to Finish,” sponsored by the National Business Institute. The seminar included valuable information about: • The tax consequences of traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs • Taxes on Military Pensions and Federal … Continue reading

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