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Retirement Planning

Retirement is an important issue to address in divorce mediation.  Frequently people have several kinds of retirement accounts–traditional IRA’s, SEP IRA’s, 403B’s, or pensions.  Some people are employed by small businesses or large corporations; others work for state or federal … Continue reading

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Young Adults and Money

This morning on the Diane Rehm Show on National Public Radio, there was a great conversation, “Young Adults and Money.” The guests discussed the importance of providing young adults with education in financial literacy, so that they can make informed … Continue reading

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Prepare for Summer

  It may be hard to imagine while we are still enduring frigid temperatures, but in a few short months schools will close, and summer will begin.  For divorced or separated parents, the end of winter is a great time … Continue reading

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Financial Literacy

“Even if we grade on a very generous curve, many Americans flunk when it comes to financial literacy.” (NY Times, Richard Thaler, Economic View, 10/6/13) Only about one third of the people in a recent economic survey were able to … Continue reading

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